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Ballistic Performance Level IIIA (NIJ 0101.06) .357mm FMJ FN, 8.1g (125grain) Bullet Velocity 1,470ft/s (448m/s) .44mm MAG SJHP, 15.6g (240grain) Bullet Velocity 1,430ft/s (436m/s)...

Origem: Coreia do Sul
Categoria: Coletes à Prova de Bala
Quantidades: 10
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TRUST Securitas

Incheonro-22 street 47 Seongbuk-gu

Baeksong bldg #503

Seoul, 027 028

Coreia do Sul

Selling Offers

STC DELTA has developed ballistic vests which meet NIJ 0101.04 standard III, IIIA and IV protection levels. They can be custom tailored and fitted to the exact demands of the customer....

Origem: Geórgia
Categoria: Coletes à Prova de Bala
Quantidades: on request
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181 B. Khmelintski Str.

Tbilisi, 0132


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